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One cannot appreciate French wine with any depth of understanding without knowing how the French themselves look at their wines, by going to the source, descending into their cold, humid cellars, tasting with them…
Kermit Lynch, Adventures on the Wine Route.
I can only agree with Mr Lynch, having done all of the above since 1999. That’s when I set up French Wine Tours and started escorting wine fans through all the wine-producing regions of France. It’s a continuing journey of discovery: just as no two vineyard cycles are ever the same, you never taste the same wine twice. Why not join in the fun?

When dealing with complex organisational issues, the best thing to do is pull up with a cold beer and let somebody else figure it out.
Anthony Bourdain, celebrity chef, author of 'Kitchen Confidential'
Tony had it right too. Figuring it out for you is what I’m here for. From accommodation to transport, from vineyard visits to restaurant recommendations, from historical side trips to cultural excursions, I plan every detail and ensure a failsafe follow-through. Based on experience, what works vs what doesn’t work.

The most important thing for you is peace of mind. I’ve got experience; I’ve got the track record; I’ve got the contacts. France is my home, French is my second language, French wine is my poison. What’s yours?

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John Sherwin of French Wine Tours

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