Dried Flower Arranging Workshop Workshop Details

Dried Flower Arranging Workshop

Join Sarah, an aspiring florist, as she takes part in a Dried Flower Arranging Workshop. With a passion for nature and design, she eagerly anticipates unlocking her creativity in this hands-on session.

As Sarah immerses herself in the art of dried flower arrangements, she discovers a newfound appreciation for the beauty and elegance of preserved blooms.

Stay tuned to learn more about the workshop’s unique techniques, expert tips, and the unforgettable experience awaiting participants like Sarah.

Key Points

Dried Flower Arranging Workshop - Key Points

  • Craft beautiful dried flower arrangements to take home
  • Enjoy champagne and snacks during the workshop
  • Learn floral arrangement secrets from expert guidance
  • Ideal for bachelorette parties with customizable packages

Workshop Details

Dried Flower Arranging Workshop - Workshop Details

Curious about what the Dried Flower Arranging Workshop has to offer? This workshop caters to private groups, allowing up to 8 individuals, ensuring an intimate and personalized experience.

One of its standout features is the customization options available, giving participants the flexibility to tailor the workshop to their preferences. Whether it’s a bachelorette party or a gathering of close friends, the workshop can be adapted to suit the occasion.

This level of customization adds a special touch to the overall experience, making it truly unique and memorable. Participants can expect expert guidance, materials for flower arranging, and delightful extras like champagne, croissants, and cookies, all in a wheelchair-accessible setting on the 1st floor near a convenience store.

Experience Highlights

Dried Flower Arranging Workshop - Experience Highlights

Craft stunning dried flower arrangements, enjoy complimentary champagne and snacks, and uncover floral arrangement secrets at the Dried Flower Arranging Workshop.

Receive valuable flower arranging tips from experienced instructors.

Ideal activity for bachelorette parties, creating lasting memories.

Customize packages to suit your group’s preferences.

Learn the art of floral design in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

Take home a beautiful dried flower arrangement as a keepsake.


Dried Flower Arranging Workshop - Inclusions

When attending the Dried Flower Arranging Workshop, participants can expect to receive expert guidance, materials for flower arranging, customizable packages, as well as champagne, croissants, and cookies. The workshop offers various customization options to cater to individual preferences, making each experience unique. Plus, for those looking to celebrate a special occasion like bachelorette parties, personalized touches can be added to make the event even more memorable. From selecting specific flowers to choosing the arrangement style, participants have the flexibility to tailor their experience. Below is a table summarizing the inclusions available at the workshop:

Inclusions Details
Expert Guidance Professional tips and advice from the instructor
Materials High-quality dried flowers and arranging tools
Customizable Packages Options to personalize arrangements

Participants can truly make the workshop their own with these customization options.

Booking Information

Dried Flower Arranging Workshop - Booking Information

For booking the Dried Flower Arranging Workshop, visitors can reserve their spot online with no upfront payment required. When booking, visitors should consider the following:

  • Payment Options: No upfront payment needed
  • Group Size Restrictions: Limited to 8 people per group
  • Availability: Check online for open time slots
  • Cancellation Policy: Free cancellation up to 24 hours in advance
  • Custom Bookings: Contact for special time requests

These details ensure a smooth booking process and help visitors plan their workshop experience effectively. With no initial payment required and the flexibility to cancel if needed, participants can secure their spots hassle-free.

Location Details

Dried Flower Arranging Workshop - Location Details

Nestled on the 1st floor near a convenience store, the location of the Dried Flower Arranging Workshop provides a charming setting for your creative experience. The workshop’s accessibility features cater to all participants, ensuring a comfortable and inclusive environment. Nearby attractions such as the Louvre Museum, Chatelet Les Halles, and Centre Pompidou are just a short 10-minute stroll away, offering the perfect opportunity to explore Paris’s cultural gems before or after your workshop. Enjoy the art of dried flower arranging while being conveniently located near these iconic landmarks.

Nearby Attractions Accessibility Features Special Requests
Louvre Museum Wheelchair Accessible Email contact
Chatelet Les Halles Website contact
Centre Pompidou Email for special times

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Children Allowed to Participate in the Workshop?

Children are welcome to participate in the flower arranging workshop. It’s a family-friendly activity with no age limit. The workshop offers a chance for children to engage in creative activities and make beautiful arrangements.

Can Participants Bring Their Own Dried Flowers or Materials?

Participants can bring their own dried flowers or materials for added personalization and creativity. This collaboration allows for shared inspiration and unique arrangements. The workshop encourages individuality and offers a platform for showcasing diverse floral styles.

Is There a Minimum Number of Participants Required to Book the Workshop?

When booking, there’s no minimum number of participants required for the workshop, offering flexibility for smaller groups. The experience aims to be inclusive, suitable for various group sizes, without strict age restrictions.

Are There Any Options for Dietary Restrictions or Preferences When It Comes to the Snacks Provided?

For those with dietary accommodations, the workshop offers various snack options to cater to preferences. Guests can enjoy champagne and snacks like croissants or cookies, ensuring a delightful experience for all.

Is There a Dress Code or Any Specific Attire Recommended for the Workshop?

For the workshop, there’s no strict dress code. Comfortable clothing is recommended. Attire suitable for hands-on activities is ideal. Participants often opt for casual wear. The focus is on enjoying the experience.


Unleash your creativity at the Dried Flower Arranging Workshop for a memorable and interactive experience.

With expert guidance, champagne, croissants, and cookies, this workshop offers a perfect blend of fun and elegance.

Ideal for private gatherings, this workshop is wheelchair accessible, customizable, and conveniently located near iconic landmarks.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to indulge in creativity and camaraderie with your group of up to 8 individuals.

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