Etretat And Honfleur: Private Round Transfer From Le Havre Tour Details
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Etretat and Honfleur: Private Round Transfer From Le Havre

Experience the enchanting allure of both Etretat and Honfleur on a seamless private round transfer from Le Havre.

As the rugged cliffs of Etretat meet the quaint charm of Honfleur, travelers are treated to a journey that blends natural beauty with historical richness.

The convenience of a Mercedes vehicle equipped with modern amenities sets the tone for a day filled with exploration and relaxation.

But what hidden gems lie along the route, and how does this tailored excursion elevate the discovery of Normandy’s treasures?

Key Points

Etretat and Honfleur: Private Round Transfer From Le Havre - Key Points

  • Private round transfer from Le Havre makes exploring Etretat and Honfleur convenient.
  • Experience natural beauty and historical charm in both towns with an English-speaking driver.
  • Enjoy comfortable Mercedes vehicles with WiFi and water onboard.
  • Benefit from insights on dining options and local cuisine recommendations in Normandy.

Tour Details

Etretat and Honfleur: Private Round Transfer From Le Havre - Tour Details

When embarking on the private round transfer from Le Havre to Etretat and Honfleur, travelers can expect a seamless and immersive 10-hour experience filled with exploration and comfort.

The tour offers private transportation in comfortable Mercedes cars and buses equipped with WiFi and water on board. Throughout the journey, visitors will have the chance to explore historical sights in both Etretat and Honfleur, enhancing their understanding of the region’s rich past.

This personalized experience ensures that guests can enjoy the trip at their own pace, with an English-speaking driver providing insights and recommendations along the way. From pick-up at Le Havre to drop-off back at the port, this tour is designed to provide a memorable and hassle-free adventure for up to 3 people per group.

Activity Description

Etretat and Honfleur: Private Round Transfer From Le Havre - Activity Description

Set out on a captivating journey through Etretat and Honfleur in Normandy, exploring a blend of natural beauty and historical charm on a 10-hour private round transfer from Le Havre. Discover the stunning coastline and iconic historical landmarks that these picturesque towns have to offer.

Throughout the day trip, visitors can expect to enjoy the rugged beauty of Etretat’s cliffs and arches, as well as the quaint harbor and historic architecture of Honfleur. Plus, the English-speaking driver will gladly provide recommendations for dining options, ensuring a well-rounded experience.

After a day filled with exploration and sightseeing, travelers will enjoy a comfortable return trip back to the Le Havre port, completing a memorable adventure through these enchanting Normandy destinations.


Etretat and Honfleur: Private Round Transfer From Le Havre - Inclusions

Indulge in a comfortable and immersive 10-hour journey from Le Havre to Etretat and Honfleur, where you’ll benefit from private transportation, WiFi onboard, and the expertise of an English-speaking driver. The inclusions for this excursion are top-notch, ensuring a seamless experience.

You’ll travel in an air-conditioned vehicle with WiFi access, making your journey enjoyable and connected. Plus, the package includes Le Havre Port pick up and drop off, eliminating any transportation worries.

To keep you refreshed during the trip, there’s one bottle of water and wet wipes provided. If desired, a professional guide service is available as an option, enhancing your exploration of Etretat and Honfleur.

With these inclusions, your day trip to these charming Normandy locations is set to be both convenient and memorable.

Important Information

Etretat and Honfleur: Private Round Transfer From Le Havre - Important Information

Ensure a worry-free journey by informing in advance if child seats are required for passengers under 10 years old. The tour provides child seats upon request to ensure the safety and comfort of young travelers.

Plus, the driver is knowledgeable about the best dining options in Normandy, offering recommendations for delicious local cuisine.

  • Child seats available for children under 10, inform in advance
  • Driver knowledgeable about dining options in Normandy
  • Recommendations for delicious local cuisine


To secure your spot for the private round transfer from Le Havre to Etretat and Honfleur, simply check availability and make your reservation today with the option to pay later. When reserving, remember that payment options allow for booking without upfront costs.

This tour caters to small groups, with a maximum of 3 people per booking. If your group exceeds this limit, consider splitting into multiple reservations to accommodate everyone comfortably. Whether traveling with family or friends, the payment options make it convenient to secure your booking without immediate charges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Specific COVID-19 Safety Measures in Place During the Tour?

Covid-19 safety measures are a priority during the tour, ensuring a safe experience for all. Alongside, the driver offers insightful sightseeing recommendations, making the journey both secure and enriching. Enjoy the trip worry-free!

Can the Driver Provide Recommendations for Specific Attractions or Activities in Etretat and Honfleur?

The driver gladly shares recommendations for local activities in Etretat and Honfleur, adding a personal touch to the journey. Their insights enrich the experience, making the exploration of these charming destinations even more memorable for travelers.

Is There a Restroom on Board the Vehicle for Longer Journeys?

For longer journeys, travelers enjoy comfort during travel with restroom availability. The onboard Mercedes cars and buses offer this convenience, ensuring a pleasant trip. Stay refreshed with WiFi, water, and a professional guide service option.

What Is the Average Amount of Walking Involved at the Destinations in Etretat and Honfleur?

When exploring Etretat and Honfleur, visitors can expect moderate amounts of walking to enjoy the stunning scenic views. Comfortable shoes are recommended to fully appreciate the natural and historical sights in both locations.

Are There Any Additional Costs for Entrance Fees to Attractions or Parking Fees During the Tour?

When enjoying the tour, visitors need not worry about hidden costs like entrance or parking fees. All is covered in the package, ensuring a hassle-free experience. The tour inclusions encompass all necessary expenses for a memorable journey.


Etretat and Honfleur: Private Round Transfer From Le Havre - Recap

Don’t miss out on the chance to experience the beauty and history of Etretat and Honfleur with a private round transfer from Le Havre.

With a comfortable ride, knowledgeable driver, and personalized service, this tour offers a seamless and unforgettable exploration of these enchanting French destinations.

Book your spot today and get ready for a day filled with picturesque landscapes, rich history, and memorable moments.

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