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Wine Tour With Private Driver

Ever wondered what it feels like to sip wine while cruising through picturesque vineyards without worrying about driving? Imagine a day where you can fully learn about the flavors and stories behind each glass, all with the luxury of a private driver at your service.

But what if this experience also includes insider access to exclusive wineries and a gourmet lunch overlooking the rolling hills? A wine tour with a private driver promises a day filled with relaxation, discovery, and of course, excellent wine.

So, why not elevate your wine-tasting game and let someone else do the driving while you uncork the secrets of Savoie’s finest wines?

Key Points

Wine Tour With Private Driver - Key Points

  • Explore the stunning French countryside on a wine-filled adventure with a private driver
  • Meet passionate Savoie winemakers and sample unique wines like Apremont and Chignin Bergeron
  • Indulge in local cuisine that complements the wines perfectly
  • Immerse in the vibrant world of Savoie wines, blending wine, food, and culture in a picturesque setting

Tour Highlights

Wine Tour With Private Driver - Tour Highlights

Set out on a wine-filled adventure through the stunning French countryside with a private wine tour that promises unforgettable experiences and delightful tastings.

In the Savoie region, known for its crisp whites and fruity reds, visitors will have the opportunity to sample a variety of unique Savoie wines like Apremont, Chignin Bergeron, Mondeuse, pétillant de Savoie, and Roussette.

But the experience doesn’t stop there; guests will also indulge in the exquisite local cuisine, enjoying dishes made from fresh produce that perfectly complement the wines.

From savoring the flavors of the region to meeting the passionate Savoie winemakers, this tour offers a perfect blend of wine, food, and culture in a picturesque setting.

Itinerary Overview

Wine Tour With Private Driver - Itinerary Overview

Prepare for a day filled with wine discovery and scenic delights as the private wine tour itinerary unfolds. The itinerary includes visits to charming local vineyards where guests can taste exquisite wines and learn about the winemaking process from Savoie winemakers. In between wine tastings, the private driver will take guests on scenic drives through picturesque landscapes, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and vineyards. Whether winding through rolling hills or cruising alongside crystal-clear lakes, the scenic drives add an extra layer of enjoyment to the day. Get ready to sip on delicious wines, soak in the beauty of the region, and create unforgettable memories on this exclusive wine tour experience.

Morning Afternoon Evening
Visit local vineyard 1 Wine tasting 1 Dinner at Savoyard inn
Scenic drive to vineyard 2 Visit local vineyard 2 Relaxation time
Lunch at family-run inn Scenic drive to vineyard 3

Booking Information

Wine Tour With Private Driver - Booking Information

Wondering how to secure your spot for this exclusive private wine tour with a driver? Booking is a breeze! Simply select the number of participants, choose a date, and check availability.

With these straightforward booking options, you’ll be one step closer to enjoying a day filled with winery visits, wine tastings, and a delicious lunch at a family-run Savoyard inn. Your private driver will ensure a seamless experience as you explore the beautiful wine regions of Savoie.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn about and taste exquisite wines like Apremont, Chignin Bergeron, and Roussette. So, go ahead and secure your spot for a day of wine-filled adventures with your own private driver!

Winery Experiences

Exploring the wineries on this private wine tour with a driver promises a delightful journey through the vibrant world of Savoie wines.

  • Winery Etiquette: Visitors are encouraged to ask questions, engage with the winemakers, and sample a variety of wines respectfully. Remember, it’s about enjoying and appreciating the experience.

  • Grape Varieties: From the crisp Apremont to the bold Mondeuse, get ready to taste a diverse range of grape varieties unique to the Savoie region.

  • Interactive Experiences: Participate in grape stomping, barrel tastings, or blending sessions to deepen your understanding of winemaking processes and flavor profiles. It’s not just about sipping wine; it’s about enjoying the art and science of winemaking.

Culinary Delights

Wine Tour With Private Driver - Culinary Delights

Indulge in a delectable array of local Savoie dishes paired perfectly with the region’s renowned wines on this private wine tour with a driver. The culinary delights of Savoie are not to be missed, offering a rich tapestry of flavors that harmonize beautifully with the Savoie wines. From creamy tartiflette to savory diots au vin blanc, every bite is a celebration of local cuisine. Here is a glimpse of what you might savor on your tour:

Savoie Dishes Recommended Wine Pairing
Tartiflette Apremont
Diots au Vin Blanc Chignin Bergeron
Raclette Mondeuse
Farçon Pétillant de Savoie
Bugnes Roussette

Additional Stops

Embark on your private wine tour with a driver and savor the possibility of making additional stops along the way for a more enriching experience. While on your journey, you might consider:

  • Vineyard Explorations: Take a leisurely stroll through the lush vineyards, soak in the beauty of the grapevines, and learn about the winemaking process firsthand.

  • Scenic Detours: Enjoy breathtaking views as you meander through stunning countryside roads, perhaps stopping at a picturesque lookout point for some memorable photos.

  • Local Gems: Uncover hidden gems off the beaten path, like charming villages or quaint local markets, adding a touch of authenticity to your wine tour adventure.

These extra stops will add a delightful twist to your wine-tasting escapade, creating unforgettable memories along the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wine Tour With Private Driver - Frequently Asked Questions

Is Transportation Provided From My Hotel to the Starting Location of the Tour?

For those wondering about hotel pick up and transportation options, rest assured that a private driver will whisk guests away from their lodgings to the tour starting location. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey!

Are There Any Age Restrictions for Participants on the Wine Tour?

Age restrictions on the wine tour are typically 18 years and above due to alcohol consumption laws. For transportation options, the tour usually provides a private driver, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants.

Can Special Dietary Restrictions or Preferences Be Accommodated for the Lunch Provided During the Tour?

Special dietary restrictions can be accommodated for lunch during the tour. Guests can enjoy personalized meals. Wine preferences are considered, and a private driver ensures safe transportation. No age restrictions. Comfortable shoes are recommended for vineyard visits.

Will There Be Opportunities to Purchase Wines Directly From the Wineries Visited During the Tour?

Guests on the tour have the opportunity to purchase wines directly from the wineries visited. Tasting options are available to help guests choose their favorites, ensuring they can bring a piece of the experience home.

Is There a Recommended Dress Code for the Wine Tour, Such as Comfortable Shoes for Walking in Vineyards or Cellars?

When preparing for a wine tasting experience, it’s advisable to wear comfortable shoes for potential vineyard walks or cellar tours. Remember, dressing in layers is ideal for adjusting to different temperatures, and avoid strong perfumes that could interfere with the wine’s aroma appreciation.


So, why wait? Treat yourself to a day of luxury and indulgence on this exclusive wine tour with a private driver.

With stunning landscapes, delicious wines, and mouth-watering cuisine, this experience is sure to leave you feeling like royalty.

Book now and let the adventure begin! Cheers to unforgettable memories and exquisite tastes in the beautiful region of Savoie.

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